NS3 in PHD

NS3 in PHD
Channel Interface: A Primitive Model for Memory Efficient Communication – NS3 in PHD
QoS-aware bidding strategies for VM spot instances: A reinforcement learning approach applied to periodic long running jobs – NS3 in PHD
A Convex Geometry-Based Blind Source Separation Method for Separating Nonnegative Sources – NS3 in PHD
Silver nanoshells plasmonically controlled random lasing without dielectric spacer – NS3 in PHD
Revisiting Concurrent Separation Logic and Operational Semantics – NS3 in PHD
An Android cluster system capable of dynamic node reconfiguration – NS3 in PHD
High gain dual band antenna using fractal geometry for mobile communication – NS3 in PHD
Photonic crystal nanolaser bio-sensors for detecting environmental index and surface charges – NS3 in PHD
Towards manufacturing 2.0: An innovative architecture for the Factory of the Future – NS3 in PHD
Deep-UV microsphere-assisted ultramicroscopy – NS3 in PHD
Noise Level Estimation for Model Selection in Kernel PCA Denoising – NS3 in PHD
Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter for implantable bioimpedance monitoring – NS3 in PHD
Utilizing the DLP1700 as a Coupling Device for Optical MIMO Transmission – NS3 in PHD
A 24 GHz band FM-CW radar system for detecting closed multiple targets with small displacement – NS3 in PHD
Ultrafast coherent spectroscopy in quantum dot nanostructures – NS3 in PHD
Synchronization of Chaotic Lur’e Systems With Time Delays Using Sampled-Data Control – NS3 in PHD
Artificial intelligence for precision movement robot – NS3 in PHD
Semisupervised Support Vector Machines With Tangent Space Intrinsic Manifold Regularization – NS3 in PHD
Experiences of Using Cassandra for Molecular Dynamics Simulations – NS3 in PHD
Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Class-Aware Tensor Neighborhood Graph and Patch Alignment – NS3 in PHD
A Comparative Study of Adaptive Beamforming Techniques in Smart Antenna Using LMS Algorithm and Its Variants – NS3 in PHD
First steps towards CO2 gas micro-sensors operating at 4.26 µm – NS3 in PHD
High precision passive target localization based on airborne electro-optical payload – NS3 in PHD
Design and simulation of a new dual-band microstrip patch antenna for UHF and microwave RFID applications – NS3 in PHD
Transistor lasers and their expected applications in microwave photonics – NS3 in PHD
2015 IEEE NS3 in PHD