Utilizing the DLP1700 as a Coupling Device for Optical MIMO Transmission

Space division multiplex (SDM) in optical communications became an attractive research topic in recent years. A tremendous increase of data rates was exposed. In optical multiple-input multiple-output (OMIMO) SDM can be achieved by using separated fiber cores or orthogonal mode groups in multimode fibers (MMFs). This contribution tackles the task of mode selective excitation in MMFs. An in this field new approach is shown utilizing the Digital Light Processorr(r) (DLP) chip DLP1700.

However, finding the optimal coupling conditions is a complex task due to the blazed grated structure of the micromirror array (MMA) within the DLP1700. An intuitive solution for that problem is shown. Still, the benefits of such DLPs lies in the flexibility of mode excitation, the high contrast ratio due to the dense pixel structure and the low coupling loss, e.g., of around -1.47dB for the DLP1700. This paper shows that the mode separation is comparative to mode excitation achieved with offset splices.

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