Synchronization of Chaotic Lur’e Systems With Time Delays Using Sampled-Data Control

The asymptotical synchronization problem is investigated for two identical chaotic Lur’e systems with time delays. The sampled-data control method is employed for the system design. A new synchronization condition is proposed in the form of linear matrix inequalities. The error system is shown to be asymptotically stable with the constructed new piecewise differentiable Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional (LKF).

Different from the existing work, the new LKF makes full use of the information in the nonlinear part of the system. The obtained stability condition is less conservative than some of the existing ones. A longer sampling period is achieved with the new method. The numerical examples are given and the simulations are performed on Chua’s circuit. The results show the superiorities and effectiveness of the proposed control method.

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