NS3 in B.Tech

NS3 in B.Tech
Approximate Orthogonal Sparse Embedding for Dimensionality Reduction – NS3 in B.Tech
1060nm high-power broadband InGaAs/GaAs quantum well thyristor-laser – NS3 in B.Tech
Prefix coding of hierarchical categories for publish-subscribe in mobile wireless environments – NS3 in B.Tech
Design of dual band sawtooth patch antenna using PBG structure – NS3 in B.Tech
Heterogeneously integrated DFB and DBR membrane lasers for high speed direct modulation – NS3 in B.Tech
Usefulness of truncation of full length pseudo random sequence for CDMA communication – NS3 in B.Tech
Two Efficient Twin ELM Methods With Prediction Interval – NS3 in B.Tech
The Minimum Risk Principle That Underlies the Criteria of Bounded Component Analysis – NS3 in B.Tech
Location estimation method using side information – NS3 in B.Tech
Optimization of unequal error protection rateless codes for multimedia multicasting – NS3 in B.Tech
Respiratory motion prediction using moving window based online training approach for LS-SVM – NS3 in B.Tech
Highly linear downconverting microwave photonic link based on digital post-processing – NS3 in B.Tech
Spade: Decentralized orchestration of data movement and warehousing for physics experiments – NS3 in B.Tech
A platform for predicting real-time service-level metrics from device statistics – NS3 in B.Tech
On the ideality of cross-correlation properties for concurrent use of (N2, N2, 2Nx2N) and (N2, N2, NxN) of complete complementary codes – NS3 in B.Tech
Third-harmonic generation in one-dimensional photonic crystal meta-materials – NS3 in B.Tech
Job shop scheduling problem with heuristic genetic programming operators – NS3 in B.Tech
Forecasting of ionospheric time delays using ARMA model under Geomagnetic storm conditions – NS3 in B.Tech
Fick’s Law Assisted Propagation for Semisupervised Learning – NS3 in B.Tech
Variational Inference With ARD Prior for NIRS Diffuse Optical Tomography – NS3 in B.Tech
Multi-level VM replication based survivability for mission-critical cloud computing – NS3 in B.Tech
A local error method for SSSF simulation of signal propagation in dispersion compensated optical links – NS3 in B.Tech
Low cost and efficient ECG measurement system using PIC18F4550 microcontroller – NS3 in B.Tech
Optimized amplification scheme in unrepeated DWDM system over 325 KM G.652 fiber – NS3 in B.Tech
All-solid aperiodic Large Pitch Fibers for operation in high power regime – NS3 in B.Tech
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