Design of dual band sawtooth patch antenna using PBG structure

In this paper, a design strategy using periodic dielectric, metallic, or composite Photonic Band Gap (PBG) structure is proposed for X-band and Ku-band (11.13 GHz to 13.88 GHz). It is observed with the help of simulation results that the bandwidth has improved 22% with return loss -34db. Microstrip PBG structures could suppress the surface wave propagating on substrate and prohibit the formation of substrate modes.

Additionally it’s low volume, low profile and light weight which can be manufacture easily and used widely in wireless and satellite communication. In integration, it is withal proposed that the comportment of the photonic crystals will lead to a drop in pattern side lobes resulting in amendments in radiation pattern front-to-back ratio and on the whole antenna efficiency. This research is done through systematic simulations using IE3D based on MOM method.

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