Through Glass Via (TGV) disc loaded monopole antennas for millimeter-wave wireless interposer communication

A monopole antenna loaded with a circular disc is integrated on a glass interposer layer for millimeter-wave wireless communication applications. A Through Glass Via (TGV) is used as a main radiator and the circular disc is for a impedance matching. An omnidirectional radiation pattern formed by the monopole antenna allows in-plane wireless communication whose distance is much larger than 1cm. This can solve problems such as cross talk and time delay caused by the conventional wire bonding approach.

A 77 GHz (W-band) antenna is designed and fabricated as a prototype on a glass substrate. The simulated peak gain of the antenna is 1.23 dBi. Also, as this antenna concept is scalable, the same architecture has been exercised for a 5.8 GHz industrial, scientific and medical, ISM band application. The design, fabrication, and characterization are detailed. The measured results of the return loss and radiation pattern agree well with the simulation results.

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