Video surveillance systems are commonly used for environmental monitoring. Nevertheless, existing systems such as [1, 2] can only monitor scenes statically. When an accident or a fire event happens, we cannot get the critical pictures and check those situations immediately.

Therefore, we propose to leverage pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and develop a real-time surveillance system, where the PTZ cameras can rotate in a horizontal plane by panning and in a vertical plane by tilting, and adjust the focal length by zooming, so we can control these cameras dynamically for the emergent area. Especially for the accessibility, we implement this system as a web service to help users easily define the emergent area and preview the video of cameras remotely.

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Microsphere-assisted ultramicroscopy is a powerful, yet simple, technique to visualize nanometric-scale objects with visible light. In this method, dielectric microspheres are placed in contact with the nanoscale objects, so that…