Resource Management in LTE Projects

    Resource Management in LTE Projects is develop for students pursuing final year academic study in Bachelor of Engineering and Master’s of Engineering. LTE shows better performances by achieving higher uplink speed, downlink speed, minimize latency, higher spectral efficiency due to the use of advanced techniques.

Radio Resource-Management-in-LTE is performed from the following,

  • Stackelberg Game
  • Harmonized Q–Learning
  • Slot based management
  • Random Neural Network
  • Dynamic resource management scheme
  • Interference–aware management scheme
  • Spectrum–aware management systems
  • Quality of Service – aware resource management
  • Priority–aware management scheme
  • Ant Colony Optimization algorithm
  • Queuing Theory
  • Traffic Split scheme
  • Multi–Objective Optimization technique
  • MIH standard policies
  • Buffer status–aware management
  • Fuzzy based adaptive priority

   Global System for Mobile Communication is the key for the introduction of this standard LTE. LTE serves several applications and services for obtaining best Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. Enhancements in this new developed technology include new features which also require in designing an improved resource management scheme.

Resource Management in LTE Projects can build using different network simulators. Project is the basement to expose your academic knowledge.

   To explore your ideas in this area, view the following recent topics of Resource-Management-in-LTE Projects,

  • A new process of Design and performance analysis of uplink schedulers also aimed at smart metering over LTE system
  • The novel technology for QoS-based on LTE downlink scheduling algorithm designed also for smart grid communication
  • A fresh Learning mechanism also based on performance of networked dead reckoning used for real vehicles system
  • A design and develop function of MExR also based on Mobile edge resource management used for mixed reality applications system
  • An inventive performance for Edge-assisted content and also computation-driven dynamic network selection used for real-time services in the urban IoT scheme [Resource-Management in-LTE-Projects]
  • The fresh practice for Adaptive packet scheduling and also radio RB allocation designed for LTE-A to 5G relaying communications
  • The novel process of Localization-based on resource selection schemes used also for network-controlled LTE-V2V system
  • The innovative function of Cooperative resource management and also power allocation designed for multiuser OFDMA networks
  • A competent method for Energy-Efficient D2D Discovery also for Energy-Harvesting Proximal IoT Devices
  • A new Technique also for optimal use of 4G/5G heterogeneous network resourses under M2M/IoT traffic growth conditions
  • An ingenious Ruin theory also based on demonstrating of fair spectrum management into LTE-U
  • An imaginative performance also for RAN enablers intended for 5G radio resource management system
  • A creative mechanism also for agile resource management outline designed for 5G system
  • An innovative process of Control/User Plane Decoupled Design Utilizing Unlicensed also Bands into LTE Systems [Resource-Management in-LTE-Projects]
  • An effective performance also for Opportunistic discovery scheme designed for device-to-device communication