Wireless Body Area Network with Internet of Things Projects

    Wireless Body Area Network with Internet of Things Projects is develop for the students pursuing B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech. Wireless Body Area Network with Internet of Things is integrate to design Remote Health Monitoring system. In Wireless Body Area Network, the body sensors can of three different types as wearable, implant and remote controll. Wearable sensors are place on the skin, implant sensors are place inside the skin and remote controlled is only for Ambient Assist Living.  A Wireless Body Area Network is construct based on one–hop or two–hop star topology based network.

The major differences between these two types of network architectures are,

  • Energy Consumption
  • Transmission Delay
  • Interference
  • Node Failure
  • Mobility
  • Routing

    Integration of Wireless-Body-Area Network with Internet of Things is capable to use IoT devices in worldwide environment. It creates ubiquitous connectivity with the network environment. Projects in this domain are likely performed using different implementation tools and embedded kits. Our main goal is to meet all your project requirements before your project deadline. Students with their own ideas in any domain are also supported by our team.

   Some latest concepts in Wireless Body Area Network with Internet of Things Projects are listed below,

  • An efficient performance for Remote caring system also by autonomous transition within means of wireless measurement scheme [Wireless-Body-Area-Network-with-Internet of Things Projects]
  • A new source for Flexible data flow management also intended for qualitative physical caring into telemetric body area network method
  • A Design process and also First Estimation of a Sleep Characterization Monitoring Scheme By a Remote Contactless Sensor system
  • An effective mechanism also for picking a human fall detection algorithm designed for wrist-worn electronic device method
  • An inventive performance also for Remote prescription and I-Home healthcare based on IoT system
  • The novel process of Abnormality detection also based on vital parameters with modified weighted average mode into cloud scheme
  • An efficient process of Remote health assistance and also instinctive ambulance service method
  • A new technique designed for Dynamic medical machine also used for remote areas system
  • A design process of Wearable antennas also intended for applications into remote assistance to elderly people system
  • The new technology also for Internet of Thing based on healthcare monitoring system
  • The Design methodology of remote elderly into health monitoring system also based on MEMS sensors
  • A new method for Dimension, imitation and also philosophy of creeping wave propagations around into human head at 2.45 GHz method
  • An innovative performance also for Energy efficient IoT thermometer based on fuzzy logic meant also for fever monitoring system
  • An effective mechanism also for Data Security as well as Privacy into Cyber‐Physical Systems also on behalf of Healthcare scheme [Wireless-Body-Area-Network-with-Internet of Things Projects]
  • An innovative mechanism for E-health care data sharing into cloud derived from deduplication and also file hierarchical encryption system