Rare-earth doped materials for optical waveguides

In the paper the analysis of luminescence emission in the VIS spectra range of fabricated multicomponent glasses doped with rare-earth ions and PMMA doped with dyes were presented. Up-conversion emission in: germanate glass co-doped with 0.5Yb2O3/0.75Eu2O3 mol% under 976 nm excitation has been investigated.

Down-conversion mechanism was analyzed in phosphate glasses doped with 0.5 mol% Tb2O3 and PMMA co-doped with fluorescein and rhodamine B. Phosphosilicate glasses doped with Er3+ ions have been also studied in order to fabricate target for manufacturing planar waveguides by RF-sputtering deposition. Fabricated materials can be used for fabrication of optical fibers. In result blue up-conversion emission in double-clad optical fiber with Yb3+/Tm3+– doped core was presented.

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