NS3 in M.Tech

NS3 in M.Tech
The BER analysis of the high altitude platforms assisted long range cooperative communication – NS3 in M.Tech
A Distributed Approach Toward Discriminative Distance Metric Learning – NS3 in M.Tech
Sequence Prediction With Sparse Distributed Hyperdimensional Coding Applied to the Analysis of Mobile Phone Use Patterns – NS3 in M.Tech
Business protocol discovery from log files using a TF-IDF-based technique – NS3 in M.Tech
Using Active Data to Provide Smart Data Surveillance to E-Science Users – NS3 in M.Tech
Robust Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation with Reduced Overhead for Coherent Optical OFDM Systems – NS3 in M.Tech
Towards efficient on-demand VM provisioning: Study of VM runtime I/O access patterns to shared image content – NS3 in M.Tech
Integrated Low-Rank-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Recognition – NS3 in M.Tech
Applications of narrow-filtering based on optical coherent detection – NS3 in M.Tech
Optimization of a surface relief grating for band filter application by numerical simulations – NS3 in M.Tech
Distortion analysis of UWB short pulses using time-frequency distribution – NS3 in M.Tech
Large-Scale Nyström Kernel Matrix Approximation Using Randomized SVD – NS3 in M.Tech
A combined watershed segmentation approach using k-means clustering for mammograms – NS3 in M.Tech
ResearchOps: The case for DevOps in scientific applications – NS3 in M.Tech
Photophysical properties of thin films containing metal and 8-hydroxyquinoline complexes – NS3 in M.Tech
Optical and thermal studies of Zn1-xMgxSe crystals – NS3 in M.Tech
Performance of multiuser TAS/MRC-MIMO systems over Rayleigh fading channels with exponential correlation – NS3 in M.Tech
Optimizing OLAP Cubes Construction by Improving Data Placement on Multi-nodes Clusters – NS3 in M.Tech
Dopant-free fabrication process for graded-index polymer optical fiber solely based on temperature treatment – NS3 in M.Tech
A subcarrier and power allocation algorithm for OFDMA full-duplex systems – NS3 in M.Tech
Ultrashort pulse chirp measurement via transverse second-harmonic generation in random nonlinear crystals – NS3 in M.Tech
Reconfigurable microwave photonic filter based on Brillouin-assisted narrowband rectangular optical amplifier – NS3 in M.Tech
Noncontact heartbeat detection using UWB impulse doppler radar – NS3 in M.Tech
A suite of optical fibre-based chemical sensors for environmental monitoring – NS3 in M.Tech
Efficient Lock-Free Work-Stealing Iterators for Data-Parallel Collections – NS3 in M.Tech
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