Distortion analysis of UWB short pulses using time-frequency distribution

Many fundamental issues for UWB systems like Collision Avoidance Radar (CAR) are still largely open. In this paper two main challenges of UWB systems are investigated with one dimensional and two dimensional distribution. First of them is choosing suitable laminates for design and implementation of UWB short pulse signals in 3.3 – 10.7 GHz and mm-wave, 79 GHz CAR, and the second is analysis of these two UWB short pulses with time-frequency distributions (TFD).

The results of time, frequency and TFD show that there are many differences between propagation of commercial UWB short pulse and mm-wave UWB short pulses across different laminates. Also Wigner-Ville TFD shows many interesting information about this kind of signals, such as multiple dominant components, Track the instantaneous amplitude, frequency and bandwidth, separate energy in each time-frequency and so on. Also with WV TFD one can easily compare the total distortion of the signal and choose the appropriate material.

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