NS3 in M.E

NS3 in M.E
Generalized Extraction of Real-Time Parameters for Homogeneous Synchronous Dataflow Graphs – NS3 in M.E
Symmetry dependent electron localization and optical absorption of polygonal quantum rings – NS3 in M.E
Deformation independent FBG strain sensor based on speckle pattern processing – NS3 in M.E
Design of an X-band conformal antenna using microstrip patches – NS3 in M.E
TFluxSCC: Exploiting Performance on Future Many-Core Systems through Data-Flow – NS3 in M.E
Robust Novelty Detection via Worst Case CVaR Minimization – NS3 in M.E
The effect of N-doping of MQWS on the properties of deep ridge transistor lasers – NS3 in M.E
Using Green’s function method for leaky-wave antenna analysis based on partially-filled slitted rectangular waveguide – NS3 in M.E
An Efficient Tag Search Protocol in Large-Scale RFID Systems With Noisy Channel – NS3 in M.E
A lagrangean relaxation approach for a two-stage capacitated facility location problem with choice of depot sizel – NS3 in M.E
Parallelized generation of ZC/ZC-DFT sequences in vector DSP – NS3 in M.E
An Abelian group model of commutative data dependence relations for the iteration space slicing – NS3 in M.E
Realization of FGAC model using XACML policy specification – NS3 in M.E
Big data fusion for eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living Cloud Applications – NS3 in M.E
Comparing AHP and ELECTRE I for prioritizing software requirements – NS3 in M.E
Web-based integrated visualization service for monitoring urban public spaces – NS3 in M.E
OmniView: A mobile collaborative system for assisting drivers with a map of surrounding traffic – NS3 in M.E
Operator based fault detection and isolation for microreactor actuated by Peltier devices – NS3 in M.E
A model for the connectedness of stones in the game of Go – NS3 in M.E
Correlation Power Analysis Attack on the Ping Pong-128 Key Stream Generator – NS3 in M.E
Incentive Mechanisms for Crowdsensing: Crowdsourcing With Smartphones – NS3 in M.E
ViMood: Using social emotions to improve video indexing – NS3 in M.E
MARQUES: Distributed multi-attribute range query solution using space filling curve on DTHs – NS3 in M.E
iBUS: An Integrated Beamformer and Uplink Scheduler for OFDMA Small Cells – NS3 in M.E
A bi-objective model for robust resource-constrained project scheduling problem with random activity durations – NS3 in M.E
2015 IEEE NS3 in M.E