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  • Semantic mediation of observation datasets also through Sensor Observation Services
  • Makespan minimization for MapReduce systems also with different servers   (MATLAB-PROJECTS)
  • Towards an experience based collective computational intelligence also for manufacturing
  • Sequence Clustering-based Automated Rule Generation also for Adaptive Complex Event Processing
  • Job placement advisor based on turnaround predictions also for HPC hybrid clouds
  • Uncertain context data management in dynamic mobile environments
  • Detecting discussion communities also on vaccination in twitter
  • Real-time event detection also for online behavioral analysis of big social data
  • Unfolding social content evolution along time and also semantics
  • ACO-based clustering also for Ego Network analysis   (MATLAB PROJECTS)
  • Quantifying the effects of external factors also on individual performance
  • An associative engines also based approach supporting collaborative analytics in the Internet of cultural things
  • iDoctor: Personalized and professionalized medical recommendations also based on hybrid matrix factorization
  • Cloud-Based Multimedia Services also for healthcare and other related applications
  • Cloud based framework for Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and monitoring system also for remote healthcare applications
  • The Novel Method of Data Collection also Based on Multiple Mobile Nodes for Wireless Sensor Network scheme
  • An innovative mechanism for Speed Sensorless Control of Hybrid Excitation Axial Field Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Machine also Based on Model Reference Adaptive System