BIG DATA PROJECTS is giving you also an open handed collection of big-data, whichever will subsidize you to progress your edifying career with appearance. You also present particular to advance in the direction of us all along through quite a lot of thinking and plan, we also determine proffer you finest and also triumphant projects all at once as for each your essential.


  • An optimizing End-to-End Big-Data Transfers also based on the Terabits Network Infrastructure.
  • The novel performance of strategy to create daily Consumer Price Index based also on big-data in Statistics Indonesia.
  • A novel data security framework performance also by using E-MOD for big-data.   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • The Big-Data Streaming Applications Scheduling also by using Staged Multi-armed Bandits.
  • A new mechanism for Providing anonymity also using top down specialization performance on Big-Data by using hadoop framework.
  • The performance Classification of Big-Data also used for based on the Application to Imaging Genetics.
  • A novel technology for Detecting Events performance also in Streaming Multimedia based on Big-Data Techniques.
  • An architecture process to analyze big-data performance also intended  in the Internet of Things.
  • A big-data analytic identity management expert system performance also intended used for social media networks process.
  • The usage of a Big-Data Scale Algorithm also used intended for perform the Optimal Scheduling process of Integrated Microgrids.
  • A novel approach Assessing Big-Data SQL Frameworks performance also for Analyzing Event Logs.
  • The Negative Correlation Discovery performance also used for Big Multimedia Data Semantic Concept Mining and Retrieval.
  • An efficient User-Centric Approach process also intended for Benchmark RDF Data Generator performance in Big-Data Performance Analysis.   (BIG-DATA PROJECTS)
  • The Big-Data Environment performance also used for Agricultural Soil Analysis from CT Digital Images.
  • A new secure mechanism Privacy Preserving Deep Computation Model performance on Cloud also intended for Big-Data Feature Learning.