Light Fidelity with 5G Projects

     Light Fidelity with 5G projects are attract by the students of Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication branches in B.E and M.E. Light Fidelity is an emerging communication orient topic that achieved data communication by means of Light emitting Diode.

These Light Emitting Diode bulbs are support for dual purpose they are:

  • (i) Data transmission and
  • (ii) lightening in a location.

The combination of Light-Fidelity with 5G enables to apply Multiple–Input–Multiple–Output technology; this assures to communicate with more than one user at a time. The data transmission in Light-Fidelity is happen only within a few nanoseconds. This can used in different applications even at places were radio waves are not allow due to their harmful causes.

    Project is a detail analyzes on a particular concept with enhancements and alterations for proving the betterments. Projects are implement using either simulators or hardware kits, even both can be integrated. On completion of your project, we provide practical explanations and graphical results. As per your requirement, the project will be deliver before your deadline.

     To get more ideas in this area, we list with some recent concepts that are performed under Light Fidelity with 5G Projects,

  • A new practice of Highly Efficient 3-D Resource Allocation Techniques in 5G for NOMA-Enabled Massive MIMO and also Relaying Systems [Light-Fidelity-with-5G-projects]
  • An inventive performance also for Resource Allocation into Energy-Cooperation Enabled Two-Tier NOMA HetNets to Green 5G scheme
  • An efficient Key technology research also based on 5G mobile communications power system
  • The fresh process of Low Complexity Beamforming and also User Selection Schemes for 5G MIMO-NOMA Systems
  • The modern method for Guest Editorial Advanced Baseband Processing Circuits and also Systems in favor of 5G Communications
  • An innovative performance for Video processing based on virtual cockpit over 5G networks system
  • A novel study for Research of power supply and also cooling mode designed for node room under 5G network architecture methods
  • An original process of Optimal pricing strategy for 5G into rural areas by unmanned aerial vehicles and also large cells system
  • An innovative process of Modified Hybrid RF Predistorter Linearizer intended also for Ultra Wideband 5G Systems
  • A competent process of Cloud based on video reporting Service into 5G enabled smart transportation system also within vehicular networks system
  • An inventive process of Non-orthogonal random access also by channel inversion intended for 5G networks
  • An innovative performance for Energy-Efficient Power Allocation also in Multitier 5G Networks Using Enhanced Online Learning
  • The fresh practice for Analysis of the interference effects from maritime earth station also in motion to 5G mobile service
  • An effective usage of Cell selection technique also intended for 5G millimeter-wave system
  • A new process of heterogeneous computing platforms and also 5G communications designed for IoT applications system
  • An inventive process of way forward intended also for accommodating NFV into 3GPP 5G systems [Light-Fidelity with 5-G projects]
  • An efficient performance also for Achieving Sustainable Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks in favor of 5G