Light Fidelity Projects

     Light Fidelity Projects is develop for students pursuing their final year in the corresponding academic courses. A Light Fidelity makes use of light wave’s frequency that is considere to 1000 times greater than the radio frequencies. This technology is more secure due to its limit physical space. LiFi has been tested in real-time for data transmission and video streaming.

The major merits on using Light-Fidelity-Projects are point out,

  • Works well during daylight
  • Data transmission is enable at dim lighting also
  • Occurred of interference is avoided
  • Use of Light Emitting Diodes minimizes energy consumption
  • Dual purpose usage for lighting and data transmission
  • Provide location services
  • Higher data density
  • Support any type of application

    Statistical report says that the use of smart devices will reach nearly 20 billion during the year of 2020. Therefore Light Fidelity becomes an await solution for next generation of internet connectivity all over the world. Still this technology is involved in implementation especially for engineering students. Young graduates generate developments for future world; Light Fidelity Projects is the initial step towards it. Never worry about this emerging topic, we fed you with complete knowledge regarding this research area.

  Hereby we have list out a few significant concepts dealt in Light-Fidelity-Projects,

  • An effective process of Grid-Based on Likelihood Ratio Classifiers also for Comparison of Facial Marks [Light-Fidelity-Projects]
  • The new process of Human Identification From Freestyle Walks via Posture-Based on Gait Feature system
  • A pioneering progression of Binary Multidimensional Scaling intended also for Hashing scheme
  • An inventive mechanism also for Fast Gradient Method in favor of Nonnegative Sparse Regression by Self-Dictionary system
  • The fresh function of VLAG also based on very fast locality approximation model for GPU kernels by regular access patterns method
  • A new source of Fast Learning and Testing used for Imbalanced Multi-Class Changes also into Streaming Data via Dynamic Multi-Stratum Network
  • An effective mechanism for Automatic ReRAM SPICE Model Generation from Empirical Data also in favor of Fast ReRAM-Circuit Coevaluation system
  • The process of SF-sketch based on speedy, precise, along also with Memory Efficient Data Structure into Store Frequencies of Data Items
  • An effective performance also for Data adaptively storing approach in favor of hadoop distributed file system
  • A new function of Network Service Chaining into Fog and Cloud Computing for 5G Environment also based on Data Management and Security Challenges
  • An efficient process of Channel Condition Aware Detection into Statistical Signal Transmission method
  • An efficient performance also for conflict-free memory-addressing unit designed for SIMD VLIW DSP system
  • On the use of Multi-GPU Workstation based on Communication and Load Balancing Optimization also for Finite Element Electromagnetic Simulations [Light-Fidelity-Projects]
  • A inventive performance also for Multi-objective balanced partitioning method based on marine sensor network
  • The fresh process of Multiple Fast Controller Synchronization also designed for ITER Control System Model