HetNet Projects

    HetNet Projects take part for final year students of electronics and communication department. Global developments in communications have created its major impact over students in designing their academic project. Communication is achieved only by creating physical connectivity that is defined by Radio Access Technologies (RAT).

HetNet offers with the supportability for different RATs such as,

  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A)
  • Universal Mobile Telecommunications system (UMTS)
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
  • 3G
  • Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)

   Recently many standard research papers have undergone with the design of RAT selection algorithms in HetNet. RAT selection is one of the most preferred topic in HetNet Projects.

Let us have a look over the recent RAT selection methods,

  • Intuitionistic Fuzzy – Technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solutions
  • Reinforcement learning with network assisted feedback
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Radio resource virtualization approach
  • Multi-agent reinforcement learning
  • QoS aware RAT selection
  • Context aware RAT selection
  • Hybrid fuzzy-biogeography based optimization technique
  • Revenue-maximizing scheme
   Our skilled developing team supports you with the implementation of own research works, we serve you for 24/7. We have pointed out few other latest concepts that are focus on HetNet Projects,
  • The new technology of online caching within heterogeneous networks system
  • A new-fangled process of Outage constrained robust hybrid coordinated beam forming also designed for massive MIMO enabled heterogeneous in cellular networks [HetNet-Projects]
  • An innovative Performance also based on evaluation of E-MQS scheduler by Mobility into LTE heterogeneous network system
  • The new process of Energy-Saving Algorithm among Clustering, On/Off Strategies in Dense Heterogeneous along also with Networks Joint User Association system
  • An effectual function of handover statistics based on approach for Cell Outage Detection also in self-organized Heterogeneous Networks
  • The new technique for Heterogeneous Network Policy Enforcement also in data centers system
  • On the use of multi-objective genetic algorithm based on Small cell placement and interference management also in heterogeneous networks
  • An effective function of Dynamic dwell timer designed also for vertical handover in VLC-WLAN heterogeneous networks
  • The new technique for Energy efficient resource allocation in two-tier heterogeneous network also by in band full-duplex communications system
  • A new practice of Joint Load Balancing also based on Downlink and Uplink intended for eICIC in Heterogeneous Network system
  • An effective method of Analysis based on Handover Failures into Heterogeneous Networks also by fading system
  • The new technology of robust fault modeling and also prediction practice for heterogeneous network method
  • A novel study of Maximizing minimum throughput enhance also in cell association within heterogeneous networks [HetNet-Projects]
  • A modern process of Analisys based on modular bridge platform also in favor of heterogeneous SDN in smart city applications system
  • An inventive method of Mining E-commercial data based text-rich heterogeneous network embedding system
  • An effective mechanism also for Energy Saving within Heterogeneous Cellular Networks by User Classification method