LTE Projects

       LTE Projects are actively studied by B.E/B.Tech, M.E/M.Tech students for creating the impact over wireless communication. Long Term Evolution is abbreviated as LTE which is enable to provide higher data rate speed to users. Due to its supportability for all type of devices, this research area is widely focus. LTE provides high data rate and resolve the problem of user demand.

Different simulation tools are used for implementing LTE-Projects

  • Network simulator 2 (Ns2)
  • Network-simulator 3 (Ns3)
  • Objective Modular Network Testbed in C++ (OMNeT++)
  • LTESim
  • MATLAB (Simulink)
  • QualNet

   We also develop LTE Projects using above mention implementation tool, also we are ready to implement the concept in any other tool suggested by you. Also, We utilize all the required modules in the project as per the preferred tool. Since LTE network is also designed using the following elements as Evolved NodeB, Service gateway, mobility management entity, Evolved packet core and others. Start your LTE-Project with us and also glow your future career. We also provide research guidance for PhD/MS under this topic of Long Term Evolution. We also guarantee 100% confidentiality of the proposed research work in LTE.

In the following, we have provided with some titles for LTE-Projects

  • A valuable mechanism of Q-Learning-Based on Power Control designed also for LTE Enterprise Femtocell Networks system
  • A competent process of Cellular LTE-A Technologies designed for Future Internet-of-Things based on Physical Layer Features and also Challenges system
  • An effective function of Handover Key Management in an LTE-based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Network
  • A new practice of Dynamic SON-Enabled Location Management also in LTE Networks [LTE-Projects]
  • The process of Circuit Technique also used for Blocker-Induced Modulated Spur Cancellation in 4G LTE Carrier Aggregation Transceivers system
  • A fresh mechanism for review and also evaluation of Device-to-Device structural design via LTE Unlicensed Band system
  • An efficient performance also for difference of LTE and DSRC-Based on Connectivity in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • An inventive mechanism for Harmonious Coexistence and Efficient Spectrum Sharing used also for LTE-U and Wi-Fi
  • A novel technique also for Analysis of NB-IoT Deployment in LTE Guard-Band system
  • An efficient mechanism also for collision based on Full Duplex D2D Communication of Different LTE Transmission Techniques system
  • A new-fangled performance function of Field Trial based on Opportunities intended also for humanizing the Unlicensed Spectrum Utilization of LTE system
  • The effective usage of System Level Evaluation also based on LTE-V2V Mode 4 Communications and Its Distributed Scheduling system
  • A new source of duplicated network structure also to ensure the consistency of an LTE-based on train control system
  • A modern technology for LTE or LAA based on Choosing Network Mode used also for My Mobile Phone in 5G Network system
  • The new process of Preventing Congestion via Selective Admission Control into LTE-Based also on Public Safety Network [LTE-Projects]