Distance Metric Learning Using Privileged Information for Face Verification and Person Re-Identification

In this paper, we propose a new approach to improve face verification and person re-identification in the RGB images by leveraging a set of RGB-D data, in which we have additional depth images in the training data captured using depth cameras such as Kinect. In particular, we extract visual features and depth features from the RGB images and depth images, respectively. As the depth features are available only in the training data, we treat the depth features as privileged information, and we formulate this task as a distance metric learning with privileged information problem.

Unlike the traditional face verification and person re-identification tasks that only use visual features, we further employ the extra depth features in the training data to improve the learning of distance metric in the training process. Based on the information-theoretic metric learning (ITML) method, we propose a new formulation called ITML with privileged information (ITML+) for this task. We also present an efficient algorithm based on the cyclic projection method for solving the proposed ITML+ formulation. Extensive experiments on the challenging faces data sets EUROCOM and CurtinFaces for face verification as well as the BIWI RGBD-ID data set for person re-identification demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach.

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