WSN Projects

    WSN Projects for academic students involve in measurement of a particular constraint for specific purpose over a self-analyzed novel design. In recent years, sensors based kit design attracts students towards WSN- Projects. The tremendous developments in sensor field have proposed many real-time concepts that are supported for B.Tech / M.Tech students.

Recent ideas on WSN Projects that can implement as embedded kit are as follows,

  • Glowing light based on vehicle arrival
  • Detect dropping of load in trucks
  • Automatic agricultural irrigation system
  • Emergency event detection (gas leakage, fire accident, smoke)
  • Smart grid
  • Heart rate monitoring and other health issues
  • Bio-metric security system (fingerprint, iris, signature, face, retina, hand gesture)
  • Robotics
  • Natural disaster alarm system

   Different type of sensor is require for each system to achieve better efficiency result. Our enrich technical team is here to support 24/7 over online and we guarantee on-time delivery of WSN-Projects. Your own concept in WSN is also supported by our team for developing or enhancing it; we assure that your research confidentiality is 100% maintain. A small idea creates larger impact over your project with our strong support until successful project completion.

  Let us have a look over some of the titles that comes under WSN Projects,

  • An inventive mechanism for interoperable IP based on WSN in accord of smart irrigation system
  • The new-fangled practice of adaptive spatial outlier detection algorithm with no parameter for WSN
  • A flexible and faultless rekeying scheme also based on random key distribution intended for WSN
  • A novel study approach of Challenges also in BAN owing to the Mixed WSN Features [WSN-Projects]
  • An effective method of Aircraft Strain WSN Powered via Heat Storage Harvesting
  • A new-fangled method for Smart Sensory Furniture also Based on WSN for Ambient Assisted Living
  • A novel source of Optimal Planning of WSN Deployments designed also for In Situ Lunar Surveys
  • An innovative method of K-Coverage Model also Based on Genetic Algorithm to Extend WSN Lifetime scheme
  • A capable energy-harvesting-aware routing algorithm also intended for WSN-based IoT applications
  • The original process of Hierarchical trust-based also on black-hole detection in WSN-based smart grid monitoring system
  • A fresh technology of Hybrid Beam Forming also with Data Logging Scheduling for wireless sensor network
  • An effective development of optimized cluster-based on WSN design also for latency-critical applications [WSN-Projects]
  • The new-fangled expertise based on EAMP-AIDC – energy-aware Mac protocol also with adaptive individual duty cycle for EH-WSN
  • A precise distributed rage also based on free localization algorithm designed for WSN
  • On the use of IPv6 over WSN designed also for monitoring and control applications based on versatile prototyping platform