Wireless Body Area Network Projects

     Wireless Body Area Network Projects is developed for students and scholars pursuing their final year in corresponding academic course. Wireless Body Area Network is support by other technologies as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN, GSM and more. The major requirements of Wireless Body Area Network are reliability, delay, security and energy consumption. Some of the recent authentication algorithms and MAC designs are,

Authentication used in Wireless-Body-Area-Network Projects

  • Broadcast–based Key Agreement scheme
  • Kriged Fingerprinting
  • Lightweight Security Scheme
  • Bilinear pairing based authentication
  • Zero knowledge proof
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
  • Anonymous authentication scheme
  • Rule based Intrusion Detection System
  • Bio–metric based data security
  • Third party authentication protocol
  • Bilinear ElGamal Cryptosystem
  • Genetic algorithm based intrusion detection system
  • Secret key exchange protocol

MAC protocol using in Wireless-Body-Area-Network Projects

  • Traffic priority aware MAC
  • Battery–friendly scheduling policy in MAC
  • Energy–aware MAC
  • Directional MAC
  • Low Delay and Traffic Adaptive MAC
  • Priority guaranteed MAC
  • Delay and energy efficient poll based MAC
  • Adaptive CSMA/CA MAC
  • RFID enabled MAC

   Hereby we have descripted with few latest concepts undergone in Wireless Body Area Network Projects,

  • An inventive mechanism for Privacy enhanced data communication protocol also in favor of wireless body area network
  • A competent function of assessment Channel Access Techniques also into Wireless Body Area Network system [Wireless-Body-Area-Network Projects]
  • A creative process of Improved Version also based on Se-Drip Model for Data Dissipation via Se-Small system
  • On the use of capacitive voltage-mode Human Body Communication also based on Wearable health monitoring system
  • The new practice of Lifetime Enhanced Relay Selection Scheme also into wireless body area networks system
  • An efficient practice based on intended also for Role of 5G in medical health
  • A new performance based on Implementation of energy efficient/lightweight encryption algorithm also used for wireless body area networks
  • An inventive process of MAC protocol also by slot prediction algorithm designed for wireless body area network system
  • An effective process of Gait Cycle Driven Transmission also by Power Control Scheme for Wireless Body Area Network
  • The new function of Jog training coaching assistance also based on vital signs evaluation system
  • A design practice of E-health application also over 5G via Content-Centric networking scheme
  • An effective mechanism also for Trustworthy access control meant for wireless body area networks [Wireless-Body-Area-Network Projects]
  • The function of SAR impact evaluation also based on jeans wearable antennas system
  • A novel technology also for Bandwidth Efficient Clock Skew Compensation into TDMA-Based on Star Topology Wireless Networks