Travel Agency Desk Support System Using Interest Degree

A help desk is composed by a customer and a clerk. At a help desk it is important to share information with each other. However, when the customer is more than one person, it is difficult for the clerk to understand the intentions of the customers. In this study, we created a system which can support a travel agency desk. We propose the system to support the clerk to understand the interest degree of multiple customers simultaneously. And our system supports them to decide their travel plan. This system presents the travel information to customers on a tabletop interface, and detects the line-of-sight and the touching actions of the customers.

By using the detected data, this system can measure the interest degree of the customers and notify the clerk of the result. In addition, customers can create the travel plan on the tabletop interface with the clerk. When the clerk can provide the best information and guide customers smoothly with this system, planning their itinerary would become easier. We aim to simplify the process necessary at the travel agency desk by using this system.

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