Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Thesis

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Important Measurable Parameters for Anomaly-Detection

  • Prediction Accuracy
  • False alarm detection rate
  • True alarm detection rate
  • Processing time / Execution time
  • Testing Accuracy
  • False Positive Rate
  • True Positive Rate
  • Recall
  • F–measure

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  • On the use of Deep Learning and Iterative Cluster Unification also for Detecting and Locating Gastrointestinal Anomalies system
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  • On the use of Deep Stacked Autoencoder and k -Nearest Neighbor Scheme based on Obstacle Detection also used for Intelligent Transportation Systems
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  • A competent process of ID in Network Systems also through Hybrid Supervised and Unsupervised MLP system
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  • An effective performance also for Unsupervised Learning functions of Anomaly Detection used by GRU method