NS3 in MS

NS3 in MS
Poisson Model and Bradley terry Model for predicting multiplayer online battle games – NS3 in MS
Transverse-mode selectivity in antimonide-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers – NS3 in MS
Mirror Inverse Operations in Linear Nearest Neighbors Using Dynamic Learning Algorithm – NS3 in MS
On the performance of multiuser beam selection at base station and user arrays in mm-wave systems – NS3 in MS
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and Provisioning Framework for Cloud Data Centers – NS3 in MS
Mitigation of XPM-induced interference in QPSK/OFDM hybrid system – NS3 in MS
Resonances and emission patterns of optical microdisk resonators with scatterers – NS3 in MS
160 Gbaud Nyquist optical time-division multiplexed signal transmission through 4 km emulated free-space turbulence link – NS3 in MS
Integration of DVFS and multi CPUs scaling in a multi-processor – NS3 in MS
2 µm mode-locked thulium doped fiber laser using tilted fiber grating – NS3 in MS
On the stability and formations in ad hoc multilane vehicular traffic – NS3 in MS
Pareto-Path Multitask Multiple Kernel Learning – NS3 in MS
An Improved TA-SVM Method Without Matrix Inversion and Its Fast Implementation for Nonstationary Datasets – NS3 in MS
Characterization of integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers in the JePPIX multi-project wafer platform – NS3 in MS
Shape matching and feature extraction of cross based on fourier transform and specific spatial matching – NS3 in MS
Emotional states discrimination in voice in secure environments – NS3 in MS
Learning a Tracking and Estimation Integrated Graphical Model for Human Pose Tracking – NS3 in MS
An Efficient Topological Distance-Based Tree Kernel – NS3 in MS
THz wave scattering and absorption by a dielectric tube with a graphene cover – NS3 in MS
Nonreciprocal light transmission in gain-loss modulated Micro ring resonators – NS3 in MS
A Unified Framework for Data Visualization and Coclustering – NS3 in MS
High output RF signal power photonic microwave phase shifter with amplitude and phase control functions – NS3 in MS
Energy-Aware Migration of Virtual Machines Driven by Predictive Data Mining Models – NS3 in MS
Power consumption for global information dissemination in the Internet of Things – NS3 in MS
HSUL based 802.11 WLAN channel specific energy efficient ALU design on FPGA – NS3 in MS
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