NS3 in B.E

NS3 in B.E
Filter hopping: Physical layer secrecy based on FBMC – NS3 in B.E
Discovering similar malware samples using API call topics – NS3 in B.E
Hologram selection in realistic indoor optical wireless systems with angle diversity receivers – NS3 in B.E
TV signal classification using fuzzy inference fusion – NS3 in B.E
VIDalizer: An energy efficient video streamer – NS3 in B.E
Optical polar OFDM: On the effect of time-domain power allocation under power and dynamic-range constraints – NS3 in B.E
Hermite polynomials based characterization of the received LLR’s distribution in OFDM transmissions – NS3 in B.E
DA and NDA SINR estimation in non Gaussian noise – NS3 in B.E
FIrM: Functional Middleware with Support to Multi-tenancy – NS3 in B.E
A near-capacity MIMO-BICM scheme for digita terrestrial television broadcasting – NS3 in B.E
Equalization for the FDM System Using Mach-Zehnder Filters – NS3 in B.E
Power Consumption and Computation Models of a Server with a Multi-core CPU and Experiments – NS3 in B.E
Application of improved core vector machine in the prediction of algal blooms in Tolo Harbour – NS3 in B.E
Efficient privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranked search utilizing document replication and partition – NS3 in B.E
Prediction technique for resource allocation in Micro Data Center – NS3 in B.E
Reevaluating cell wraparound techniques for 3D channel model based system-level simulations – NS3 in B.E
Impact of band rejection in multichannel broadband subcarrier multiplexing – NS3 in B.E
Mining User Interests through Internet Review Forum for Building Recommendation System – NS3 in B.E
Efficient Computation Offloading Strategies for Mobile Cloud Computing – NS3 in B.E
qSDS: A QoS-Aware I/O scheduling framework towards software defined storage – NS3 in B.E
Orthogonality improved GFDM with low complexity implementation – NS3 in B.E
Processing Group Reverse kNN in Spatial Databases – NS3 in B.E
Taming the Uncertainty: Budget Limited Robust Crowdsensing Through Online Learning – NS3 in B.E
Closed form formula construction to enumerate control related states of Bottom Left k-net S3PR system (with a Bottom Left side non-sharing resource place) of Petri nets – NS3 in B.E
Phoneme based realtime taboo words similarity browsing system of new words using multi-lingual taboo words databases in web environments – NS3 in B.E
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