Mobile Edge Computing Projects

    Mobile Edge Computing Projects are implement by our excel developing team those are experience in several tools. The final year student of ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, E&I and others from Bachelor of Engineering and Master’s of Engineering are interested in this domain. Mobile Edge Computing is an emerging environment that is applied on several real–time applications. The standards used in Mobile Edge Computing are supported for two platforms as: (1) networking based Base Station platform and (2) Aggregation based platform.

The architecture of Mobile Edge Computing is comprise of the following,

  • Mobile Edge Platform
  • Mobile-Edge Orchestrator
  • Mobile Edge Platform Manager
  • Virtualize Infrastructure Manager
  • Mobile Edge Applications

    This architecture of Mobile Edge Computing is applicable to manage multiple user equipment. It supports different Radio Access Technologies as,

  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless Fidelity (Wi–Fi)
  • Third Generation (3G)
  • Fourth Generation (4G)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Fifth Generation (5G)
  • Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax)

    Students approaching our technical team will be relieve with complete stuff of knowledge regarding your project. Our final project delivery includes implemented code, screenshot and execution video. Never hesitate to raise your queries; we are here for 24/7 to support you.

   Other latest topics for Mobile Edge Computing Projects are given in the following,

  • An effective mechanism for Approximation Algorithms aimed at Sweep Coverage Problem also By means of Multiple Mobile Sensors [Mobile Edge Computing Projects]
  • The new process NRIT vbased on Non-redundant indirect trust search algorithm also used for a cross-domain constructed on CDNi-P2P manner
  • A fresh mechanism for Cooperative Hierarchical Caching and also Request Scheduling into a Cloud Radio Access Network system
  • A new outline process of 5G next generation VANETs with SDN and also fog computing scheme
  • A design method for Demonstration of VR / AR offloading also to Mobile Edge Cloud used for low latency 5G gaming application
  • The new procedure for Socially-aware Dynamic Computation Offloading System intended also for Fog Computing Scheme by Energy Harvesting Devices
  • An effective mechanism for SOAP function also based on SDN overlay across providers for IoT cognition services
  • The fresh process of Efficient and also Secure Service-oriented Authentication Supporting Network Slicing also for 5G-enabled IoT scheme
  • An innovative mechanism for Synergy of Big Data and also 5G Wireless Networks also based on Challenges, Approaches, and Opportunities scheme
  • Designing process of Connecting Edges also based on a Mobile-Centric, Universal, and Opportunistic Communications Manner
  • The proficient process of Radio Resource Allocation designed also for Achieving Ultra-Low Latency into Fog Radio Access Networks system
  • An effective performance also for Workload Allocation into Hierarchical Cloudlet Networks
  • An inventive function of Mobile Cloud also Based on Scheduling Strategy meant for Industrial Internet of Things system
  • A new-fangled mechanism also for Energy-Efficient Admission of Delay-Sensitive Tasks for Mobile Edge Computing
  • An innovative process of Tensor-Based on Holistic Edge Computing Optimization Outline also used for Internet of Things [Mobile Edge Computing Projects]