LTE SON Projects

       LTE SON Projects is a recently grown region focus in communication and networking research areas. LTE SON is enabled with dynamic amendment of Quality of Service oriented parameters that leads to several potential results in the network.

SON functionalities are majorly classifies into three which is given below,


  • Secure connection
  • Relevant information download
  • Part of home network
  • Plug and play


  • Optimized packet scheduling
  • Optimized handover
  • Balanced load
  • Optimized admission control
  • Mobility robustness optimization
  • Coverage optimization
  • Capacity optimization
  • Interference minimization


  • Cell outage management
  • Fault detection
  • Healing schemes

       Increasing the speed of the above mentioned functionalities is the reason for introducing SON with all these functionalities. Incorporation of these functionalities in SON tends to maximize the efficiency of network with sustained economical costs. LTE SON Projects require detail study in this research area which is widely support by our technical team members. Our professional project results boosts up your reviews and presentations. Students are served with good quality of project results at affordable price.

   Create your own LTE-SON-Projects ideas from the list of titles given below,

  • An effective mechanism also for Crossed sector automatic detection into 4G radio access networks
  • A new technology of Handover parameter optimization designed also for self-organizing in LTE networks [LTE-SON-Projects]
  • The novel study of Local approach into power management also based on by LTE networks system
  • An inventive process of Self-organizing network also based on handover mechanism used for LTE networks
  • A new technique also for Self-optimisation of Vertical Sectorisation into a realistic LTE network scheme
  • The creative process of an adaptive energy saving method also in favor of LTE-A self-organizing HetNets system
  • An inventive process of adaptive auto-tuning scheme also based on mobility into 4G with over networks system
  • A new open source framework functions also for programmable and self-managed radio access networks scheme
  • An effective mechanism for Data-driven analytics also used for automated cell outage detection into Self-Organizing Networks scheme
  • A poineering mechanism for LTE-advanced process also based on self-organizing network conflicts and coordination algorithms system
  • An inventive function of graph coloring approach designed for scheduling undo actions also in self-organizing networks [LTE-SON Projects]
  • A new technology of load balancing method into downlink LTE network also based on load vector minimization system
  • On the use of Bayesian Networks based on Unsupervised System also for Diagnosis in LTE Networks system
  • An efficient process of Space-time scheduling designed also for coordinating self-organization network functions in LTE system
  • Design process of Calibrating Radio Propagation Models Based on Smartphone Measurements also for Geo-Aware Cellular Network Self-Optimization system