Fifth Generation Projects

       Fifth Generation Projects is held by final year students to create new advancements in the field of wireless communication. In Fifth generation – millimeter wave technology is efficient to produce higher data rates ranging to some Gigabits for less distanced communication. Millimeter wave in fifth generation is designed with many numbers of small antennas throughout the environment. Millimeter wave technology is a significant area that is focused under Fifth-Generation-Projects.

Some of the recent research works that are undergone in Millimeter-wave are,

  • Multi-point transmission
  • Cell selection techniques
  • Amateur Drone Detection
  • Channel measurements
  • Radio resource management
  • Green communications
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Heterogeneous beamspace design
  • Multiple Input Multiple Output channel modeling
  • Frequency hopping
  • Path loss modeling
  • Antenna technologies
  • Orientation prediction
  • Mobility management
  • Propagation measurements
  • Mobile fronthaul and backhaul

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  Hereby we have listed out few latest Fifth-Generation-Projects titles below,

  • An effectual mechanism for mechanically reconfigurable slotted-waveguide antenna array designed also for 5G networks system
  • An effective execution process of a broadband photonics-assisted RF amplifier to 5G networks scheme [Fifth-Generation-Projects]
  • An inventive process of Service-aware dynamic bandwidth allocation also by CoMP in 5G fronthaul network
  • The new process of LTE-V intended for Sidelink 5G V2X Vehicular Communications based on innovative 5G Technology also for Short-Range Vehicle-to-Everything Communications system
  • An innovative mechanism for fully integrated 13 GHz CMOS SOI stacked power amplifier also used for 5G wireless systems
  • A process of 45nm CMOS SOI based on four element phased array receiver supporting two MIMO channels projected also for 5G system
  • An efficient performance for Smart Cameras be Making Our Beaches Safer based on 5G-Envisioned Distributed design also in favor of Connected Coastal Areas and Safe scheme
  • An inventive process of Multi-resolution multiplexing designed for 5G also in wireless spectral efficiency enhancement within strong noise system
  • A modern function of Millimeter-Wave Dual-Feed Square Loop Antenna designed also for 5G Communications system
  • An effective usage of Codesign process also based on Unconventional Array Architectures and Antenna Elements for 5G Base Stations
  • The fresh process of Millimeter-Wave 5G Antennas also designed for Smartphones in Overview and Experimental Demonstration
  • An effective usage of Multibeam Antenna Technologies intended also for 5G Wireless Communications system
  • An efficient performance for 28 GHz Compact Omnidirectional Circularly Polarized Antenna also in favor of Device-to-Device Communications in Future 5G Systems
  • A appraisal process of Ball Grid Array Module also with Integrated Shaped Lens for 5G Backhaul/Fronthaul Communications in F-Band
  • An evaluation process of LTCC-Based on Dielectric Flat Lens Antennas and Switched-Beam Arrays designed also for Future 5G Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems [Fifth-Generation-Projects]