eWALL radiofrequency energy harvesting system

Harvesting energy from the environment can be generated from various sources. One of the more common sources is the radiofrequency energy. Within eWALL (e Wall for Active Long Living) system, few RF technologies will be (Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, etc.). The paper will present energy harvesting methods using RF energy within eWALL system. Considerations will be conducted on the basis of the developed scenarios, with particular emphasis on users suffering from dementia.

The collected energy can be used to power remote sensor nodes or for self-regulation of certain system components. eWALL is a system of intelligent services that will be possible to place in any corner of our home or health institution, which aims to facilitate the extension of active life expectancy of people with special needs. One of the targeted groups in eWALL system are elderly people with problems associated with dementia.

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