CRN Projects

    CRN Projects are developed for students pursuing their final year M.Tech and B.Tech under different categories of branches especially communication and networking interested students. Spectrum is the key idea to begin wireless communication, at present spectrum scarcity occurs due to the increased utilization of wireless communication all over the world. To resolve the problem of spectrum scarcity, this Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) has been introduced. Cognitive radios show much better performances than the conventional radios.

Hence Cognitive Radios are studied based on the following concepts in CRN Projects,

  • Handoff method
  • Resource allocation
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • Channel Assignment
  • MAC Protocol design
  • Spectrum sensing mechanism
  • Harmful attack aware approaches
  • Interference management
  • Power allocation algorithm
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Authentication mechanism
  • Channel monitoring
  • Routing protocol
  • Grouping of users
  • Scheduling algorithm

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   To create your own ideas, we list up with some recent topics undergone in CRN projects,

  • An efficient process of Throughput analysis also based on cooperative multi-hop underlay CRNs by incremental relaying system
  • The new process of Cognitive-Radio-Based on IoT for Future Research Directions, Architectures, Spectrum Related Functionalities and also Applications system [CRN-Projects]
  • An inventive performance also for Spectrum-Aware Network Coded Multicast into Mobile CR Ad Hoc Networks system
  • The fresh process of End-to-End Throughput Maximization intended for Underlay Multi-Hop CRN also by RF Energy Harvesting system
  • An effective mechanism for routing scheme also based on CRNs by Self-Interference Suppression capabilities system
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Security-aware channel assignment into IoT-based on CRNs for time-critical applications
  • An innovative performance also for effective spectrum handoff scheme used for Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks system
  • A creative process of Achievable Rate also for Interweave CR into Face of Sensing Errors system
  • An inventive method of Resource Allocation for Underlay CRNs
  • An effective process of Formal Combinational Logic Synthesis also by Chemical Reaction Networks
  • The fresh mechanism also for Applying a Fuzzy-Based on Dynamic Channel Allocation system towards in CRNs
  • An effective performance for Secure Underlay MIMO CRNs also by Energy Harvesting and Transmit Antenna Selection system
  • A competent process of secure resource allocation and also dynamic spectrum access for polarization-based on green supportive CRNs
  • An effective performance also for secure resource allocation based on polarization-enabled green cooperative CRNs also through un-trusted derived users system
  • An inventive process of MUMBA also based on Multi-unit multi-broker auctions intended for CRNs [CRN-Projects]