CPN Projects

     CPN Projects are concentrate by students pursuing their final year in B.E, M.E, B.Tech and M.Tech. It is design for performing routing and managing flow control of the incoming packets in a network. Cognitive Packet Network is abbreviated as CPN. In this network, the participating cognitive packets route their own packets from the buffers. Quality of Service is the key idea of CPN which utilizes smart packets for transmission. In Quality of Service defines the capability of a network to achieve better network performances in accordance to our project design. Quality of Service includes the following parameters packet delivery ratio, latency, delay and packet loss.

      Working with project is newer to all undergraduate students, so we have experience team to guide with a selection of your own project in a particular domain. On confirmation of your project, we then discuss about the possible tools to implement the chosen concept. We deliver the project backup along with project demo video and screenshots, on or before your deadline. A good project start carries you to good career. Project is performed to gain practical knowledge on your interested domain.

   To gain more ideas on CPN Projects, we have listed few topics below:

  • An efficient usage of Distributed Control also for Active and Passive Networked Multiagent Systems [CPN-Projects]
  • A new technology for SPABox mechanism also based Safeguarding Privacy during Deep Packet Inspection at a MiddleBox system
  • The new-fangled performance also for Energy optimization into ad-hoc networks by MQAM, MFSK, MPSK with MPAM modulations system
  • A competent mechanism for Fair Resource Allocation into Self-Organizing Heterogeneous Networks also by Imperfect Connections method
  • A novel investigate process of AdaLearner based on adaptive distributed mobile learning system for neural networks
  • An imaginative process of novel tree based technique also for data hiding and integrity in medical images system
  • Design and developing function of Architecture based XMPP proxy intended also for server-to-server connections scheme
  • On the use of Poisson Cluster Process based 3GPP-inspired HetNet Model into Sum-product Functionals and also Downlink Coverage system
  • A new source for Benefits of optimal demand response also in distribution networks in a competitive retail market
  • An innovation process of Sparse beamforming also based on energy efficiency optimization used for distributed antenna systems
  • An inventive performance also for contextual multi-armed bandit approach into caching of wireless small cell network system
  • A new method for Flexible modem interface also based Enabling DoD wideband SATCOM enterprise scheme
  • The fresh process of Security-Aware Waveforms intended also for Enhancing Wireless Communications also based Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems via Multipath Receptions
  • The novel technique also for Decomposition of Market-Settlement Surplus via Pseudo-IV-Optimal Power Flow system [CPN-Projects]
  • An effective function of Watermarking also for integrity, authentication and security for medical imaging scheme