Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis

Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis is a written analysis undergo for a particular process in a specific research area. This coexistence is performed for the utilization of unlicensed band to resolve the problem of spectrum scarcity. Device – to – Device communication is one of the concept that has been enabled in this research area that involves any one of the following process,

  • MAC protocol model
  • Medium Access probability based energy detection mechanism
  • Quality of Service based spectrum allocation
  • Nash Bargaining solution
  • Clear Channel assessment (CCA) mechanism
  • Cooperative channel allocation
  • Listen – Before – Talk mechanism
  • Radio resource management mechanisms
  • Multi-hop routing algorithms
  • Mode selection
  • Resource allocation
  • Data offloading
  • Interference avoidance routing

   By using the above concepts, Device – to – Device communication is developed effectively by an appropriate design in coexistence-of-LTE with WiFi. LTE with WiFi-Thesis can also defined as “detailed study submitted on a particular research”. We also have a full-fledged academic writers, proofreaders and experts for thesis formatting to support students. Our well experienced team is also knowledgeable in this field of study and delivers you with highest quality of thesis.

From our detailed study, we have listed with some significant concepts in Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Thesis
  • An inventive source function of Network-Aware Encoding Rate Control Algorithm also for Real-Time Up-Streaming Video Services [Coexistence-of- LTE-with-WiFi-Thesis]
  • Designing process of Robust Header Compression version 2 power consumption also on Android devices via tunnelling method
  • An inventive mechanism for Optimal distributed allocation of almost blank subframes also used for LTE/WiFi coexistence
  • A new-fangled Design of a low profile unidirectional UWB antenna intended also for multi-service base station system
  • The creative process of Joint Bandwidth and Power Allocation also for Energy Efficiency Optimization over Heterogeneous LTE/WiFi Multi-Homing Networks
  • An effective method of Auction-based on resource negotiation also for flexible video traffic offloading over wireless networks
  • Design process of panel Manufacturing Technology and 3D IPD on thru Glass via substrate also for RF applications
  • The new-fangled process of Joint Channel Access Mechanism and also Scheduling Design for Licensed Assisted Access System
  • An inventive function of Broadband optical multi-Tx & multi-Rx module for radio-over-fiber system and also traffic demonstration
  • Original Compact ultra-wideband PIFA antenna designed also for high performance mobile devices system
  • Efficient practice also based on Recent Advances of LTE/WiFi Coexistence into Unlicensed Spectrum
  • An inventive method of Low Complexity Cyclostationary Detector used also for OFDM Signals
  • A modern process of Modeling Multi‐Radio Coordination and also Integration in Converged Heterogeneous Networks [Coexistence-of- LTE-with-WiFi-Thesis]
  • An innovation performance also for Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming to a Systematic Comparison of ICN and also TCP/IP system
  • A new function of Proactive and also hybrid wireless network access strategy for Vehicle Cloud networks