Code Division Multiple Access Projects

  Code Division Multiple Access Projects is a consistent area concentrated by final year students of different departments. Occupancy of multiple codes by a single channel for communication is the main theme of CDMA which can improve after going on depth research. Our team provides research guidance and holds up the undergone research in confidential manner.

CDMA Projects involves different process and their performances are evaluated in terms of following performance metrics,
  • Bit Error Rate for AWGN
  • Bit-Error Rate for Rayleigh fading
  • Peak to Average Power Ratio
  • Co-Cell interference
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Optimal Power
  • Packet loss
  • And also Throughput

      For evaluation, we perform implementation by either open source software or commercial software that is preferred by you.  CDMA Projects are enable to execute on different implementation environments as Ns2, Ns3, OMNeT++ and also more for achieving original results from the performance of algorithms, techniques, mechanisms and also protocols.  We also offer training in the area for those who needs more knowledge on CDMA and our technical team is ready to help to 24 / 7 customer service support.

To get a better idea, we have listed up some of the recent concepts for Code Division Multiple Access Projects,
  • An effectual performance of Data transmission by code division also based on transform in rotating coordinates scheme
  • On the use of Spatial Multiplexing also based on Multiuser MIMO Indoor Visible Light Communication System
  • The new mechanism meant also for Buffer-assisted physical-layer network code designs in favor of cooperative systems [Code-Division-Multiple Access Projects]
  • A competent performance based on Complementary Coded Scrambling Multiple Access also with Its Performance into Downlink MIMO Channels system
  • The new technology based on Performance comparison of graphical processing unit driven time-domain and also FFT-based on correlators used for aircraft positioning system
  • On the use of orthogonal gold sequence also based on Analysis of DS-CMDA system
  • The new resource of Performance analysis based on pattern division multiple access technique in SIC and also PIC receiver system
  • A proficient mechanism intended for Broadband LDMOS 40 W and also 55 W integrated power amplifiers system
  • The new-fangled method used for Construction of Multiple Optimal ZCZ Sequence Sets also with Good Cross-Correlation
  • A developing function of Non-Linear Programming method based on Maximize SINR also for Designing Spreading Sequence system
  • Design function of Maximum Likelihood Time Delay Estimation From Single- and Multi-Carrier DSSS Multipath MIMO Transmissions used also for Future 5G Networks
  • On the use of Low collision random access system also based on grouping nodes in underwater communications
  • An effective ParSec method based on Wireless industrial communication first PSSS measurements also in industrial environment scheme
  • Efficient mechanism in favor of channel estimation scheme of non-orthogonal multiple access system also in 5G wireless networks [CDMA Projects]
  • A new method for Impact of multiple access technique also based on wireless structural control system