Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects

Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects are develop by our skillful technical developers also for final year students. Communication in Aeronautical Ad-Hoc Network is achieve also based on the cellular systems. The nodes in Ad-Hoc Projects include all the layers from link to application to perform any type of data transmission. In this network the aircraft’s are dynamically moving, so a mobility model is created based on the real mobile traces of airlines.

Performance of the propose ideas are also measure in terms of,
  • Packet Delivery Ratio
  • End–to–End Delay
  • Jitter
  • Bit–Error–Rate
  • Normalize Routing Overhead
  • Connectivity rate
  • Probability of Successful transmission
  • Load
  • Throughput
  • Mean ratio of connected aircraft
  • Normalized reachability
  • Hop Count cumulative distribution
  • Number of routing packets
  • Connectivity prediction
  • Network overhead
  • Packet loss
  • Successful communication
  • Probability of isolated aircraft
  • Encrypted Packet ratio
  • Traffic Overhead
  • Average number of routing traffic
  • Cost per aircraft
  • Speed variations
  • And also more

    We are also actively supporting final year students those are pursuing B.E, B.Tech, M.E and also M.Tech under different departments. On–time project delivery and also 24*7 customer assistance has create 5000+ happy customers.

   To gain more knowledge, we summarize some significant concepts that are recently involved in Aeronautical Ad Hoc Network Projects,
  • A creative function of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Self-Triplexing Slot Antenna
  • An imaginative performance also for X-band DC-DC Power Converter for High-Speed Bit-Stream Modulation
  • Original practice for Narrowband Internet of Things: Evolutions, Technologies and also Open Issues [Aeronautical-Ad-Hoc-Network-Projects]
  • An innovative mechanism also for Performance analysis of image transmission through Rayleigh channel
  • A ground-breaking function of Measurement and also analysis method of electromagnetic signals for DC arcing fault
  • The revolutionary system of Ransomware also based on CryptoVirus subverting cloud security
  • A new method for Broadband RCS Reduction derived also from Spiral-Coded Metasurface scheme
  • The novel practice for Current and future directions in power electronic devices and also circuits based on wide band-gap semiconductors
  • A competent Performance Evaluation of LTE OFDM System via an Adaptive Modulation Scheme in Indoor and also Outdoor Environment
  • The pioneering practice for Analysis and also Design of A Broadband Multi-Feed Tightly Coupled Patch Array Antenna
  • An effective method also for scalp-EEG network-based analysis of Alzheimer’s disease patients at rest
  • Efficient mechanism also for ESA EarthCARE mission development status scheme
  • The new function of optimal estimation theory intended also for atmospheric correction into vswir imaging spectroscopy system
  • A new practice also for Frequency-Oriented Subsampling via Photonic Fourier Transform and also I/Q Demodulation scheme [Aeronautical-Ad-Hoc-Network-Projects]
  • The new method for Tomographic imaging also in UAVSAR based Current status and new results from the 2016 AfriSAR campaign method